Service Agreement

Eazee Aire’s Service Level Agreement

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreements are a great way to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment keeps you comfortable from the elements. When you have a Service Level Agreement on your heating and cooling equipment, Eazee Aire will come out and check your air conditioner and furnace as part of the agreement.

“Why do I need a Service Level Agreement, if my air conditioner and furnace are covered under the manufacture warranty?”

There are several reasons how an Eazee Aire’s Service Agreement can benefit you, even if you have a warranty. You can lower your utility bills, extend the life of the equipment, improve system reliability, bring peace of mind to your family, you will have priority service over non-agreement customers, you will receive a 10% discount off all parts & labor from our normal price, your system will have maximum performance, and we can advise on other ways to reduce energy costs.

Here are some of the services provided under the Service Level Agreement (additional charges may apply):

Clean Burners, inspect heat exchanger & combustion chambers, inspect flue & test drafting mechanism, adjust all dampers & set blower speeds, measure electrical voltage & amperage, check thermostat is working properly, check for leaks in flue pipe, test & adjust gas pressure, replace standard air filters, check refrigerant levels on your A/C or heat pump, wash off outdoor coil & check for any safety concerns, check for leaks in your cooling system, and measure & record heating & cooling output.

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